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"Since I just came back from my vacation, I thought Id tell you about an app I wish Id known about before I left...Snaps On-The-Go lets you choose a pic, add some text, or draw something, and send along an e-Card to whomever you want. Its a pretty simple app, but well designed...this is a fantastic, high-quality, free app..."

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The following section contains reviews assembled from the Snaps On-The-Go user community. The reviews are listed chronologically and indicate their country of origin. Development team responses are shown in italics.

2010.08.06 Canada Snaps On-The-Go 3.0

Great postcard app
This app is let's you text (or write with your finger) your message on the back of your picture. It doesn't freeze or crash which is a nice switch...this is free to use and they don't charge you for every text you send. Worth the download for sure.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the awesome feedback! It's great to hear that Snaps On-The-Go is performing well in the field. Since Snaps sends your card through your existing mail system there are no extra fees for card delivery. We take pride in the quality of our apps. It's nice to know (and hear) that users appreciate it. Thank you so much for writing this review.

2010.08.05 United States Snaps On-The-Go 3.0

Fun and easy to use
I like the implementation of this app. I really like that you can pick any of your photos, add hand drawn text and/or even regular type text to the note. The ads are there, of course, but not really intrusive on the space used for creating the card on the iPhone and aren't in the card itself. You can discard the draft email and return to your work in progress, which is nice. Finally, it saves the last photo you used as the default photo, so you can re-do a card easily. Nicely done, easy to use.

RESPONSE: We're happy to hear that the new input system (typed text and freehand drawing) has struck the right note. Snaps On-The-Go's user interface has been specifically designed to allow users to jump to any stage of card preparation at any point. Our multi-tasking support extends this flexibility further by saving every change all the time. There's no chance that an incoming call or swapping apps will lose your work-in-progress. We're really glad that you enjoyed Snaps On-The-Go! Thanks for taking the time to provide this excellent review.

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