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Snaps On-The-Go Features

For People On-The-Go!
Snaps On-The-Go has been designed from the ground up to allow busy people...just like create personal postcards from your photographs and send them to anyone, anytime, directly from your mobile.

Transform Moments Into Memories
Want to share a snap of your puppy with friends? Snaps On-The-Go makes it easy. Simply select the photo then zoom, pan and crop to get exactly the shot you want. Next, flip the snap over and type a brief message on the back or...even better...draw the message using freehand sketching. Then ship your new postcard with our built-in delivery tools.

A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words
What could be better than a photograph from friends delivered directly to your inbox? How about a photograph with a personal note, hand-drawn by the sender, delivered directly to your inbox? With Snaps On-The-Go you can do just that! Simply sketch your personal note on the back of your snap. Made a mistake? No problem...just shake your device to clear and start over! Once your masterpiece is complete simply hit next to prep it for delivery!

Have It Your Way
Like typing? Want to use a mix of typed text and freehand sketching? No problem! Snaps On-The-Go supports full text entry using your device's keyboard. Typed text is rendered directly into the postcard with a vintage typewriter look. You can even use freehand sketching to add a doodle alongside the typed message!

So Ecological Our Postcards Should Be Green!
Snaps On-The-Go postcards are digitally generated and electronically delivered so their ecological footprint is minimal. As a result, they're the greenest postcards you can use.

Your Postcard...Your Business
Since Snaps On-The-Go uses your device's existing Mail service to store and deliver postcards your personal info and contacts never leave your device.

If you would like to suggest new features for Snaps On-The-Go, or report issues with existing versions, please send an email to the Netistry mailbox.

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