Free-Casting Anywhere, Anytime
Rune casting is an ancient tradition. It has been practiced in Europe for millennia as a powerful aid to focused introspection. Now, with Rune Stones, you can freely cast any pattern of runes anywhere, anytime on your mobile device.

Designed For Advanced Rune Casters
Rune Stones combines high-resolution art with a streamlined user experience to provide a clean, open workspace for the advanced rune caster. Through the use of Netistry's new free-cast system, Rune Stones allows users to cast (or recast) any spread by simply tapping out the desired pattern on their screen. In addition to complete cast freedom, Rune Stones provides users with many of the same quality tools that users have come to expect from Netistry's rune casting products such as detailed rune descriptions, free-form traversal of the set and configurable operation.

Authentic Elder Futhark
Rune Stones utilizes all 24 runes of the authentic Elder Futhark alphabet. It does not use or contain the so-called blank rune.

Complete Cast Freedom
Runes Stones leverages Netistry's new free-cast system to support virtually any rune spread that casters can imagine. Have you read about a new cast pattern on the Internet that you'd like to try? Do you simply want to experiment with some of your own cast concepts? If you can fit your pattern on the screen, Rune Stones will let you cast it.

Detailed Rune Dictionary
Rune Stones contains a rune dictionary which permits self-directed study of the Elder Futhark. A detailed description is provided for each of the runes along with its position within the aetts. Casters simply tap any stone at any time to zoom in and study its description and properties. Users are free to browse through the entire Futhark and contemplate the runes at their leisure.

Configurable Settings
Users can configure Rune Stones to enable or disable the use of reverse runes. All preferences are automatically stored and applied to future sessions.

A Final Note On The Use Of Rune Stones
The proper use of Rune Stones is an excellent way to promote introspection, unleash insight and achieve inspiration. Rune Stones is not, however, a definitive life guide. It should not be used to purchase investments, change jobs, choose partners or resolve other major decisions. In fact, the most important thing to remember about rune casting is that it should be fun!

If you would like to suggest new features for Rune Stones, report issues with existing versions or just leave a few comments for our designers, please send an email to the Netistry mailbox.

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