This section contains reviews assembled from the Runes user community. The reviews are listed chronologically and indicate their country of origin. Development team responses are shown in italics.

2011.06.15 Canada Runes 5.0

Best app...very accurate casting
This is by far my favorite and most used app. My fiance also uses this frequently. The castings are incredibly accurate which is surprising to me. I no longer need for carrying around stones. Thank you for this and Hails fra Calgary!

RESPONSE: Your favorite and most used app! That's fantastic! Thank-you so much!

2011.06.10 United Kingdom Runes 5.0

The best
I have used runes for the last 15+ years and this app is just the best. I use it on my iTouch and it is great for runes on the move.

RESPONSE: We're so glad to hear that you're enjoying Runes. We agree that electronic rune-casting is far more practical when you're out and about. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review.

2011.04.15 United States Runes 5.0

The best runes app...though could be better
I've tried a couple other rune applications involving the Elder Futhark, and this one still blows them away. About the only minus on this is the Odin/Wyrd rune. While the more hardcore would find it unnecessary and a perversion (considering where it came from), I have found it useful and occasionally illuminating. As another reviewer commented, It would probably be best to have it as on opt-in selection at the Options menu (default: no Odin/Wyrd rune). You can even have it as a ceramic "stone" if you want.

RESPONSE: Netistry has made a clear commitment to the rune-casting community. As a result, Runes will not support the use of the so-called blank rune. We appreciate your flexibility and are certainly sympathetic to your argument. Unfortunately we do not feel comfortable supporting even the optional use of this concept. If you're intent on using the blank rune, Runes may not be the right application for you. We're sorry we can't fulfill your request.

2011.02.27 United States Runes for iPad 1.0

I like this App for it's informative aspect for understanding the nature of Rune reading and it's style of interpretation, however, it only works in picture view, so a landscape view included would be nice.

RESPONSE: Runes for iPad, like the original Runes for iPhone, only supports portrait mode. On the iPhone this has never been an issue but iPad users are accustomed to swapping between modes. We have our reasons for not supporting landscape mode. In essence, supporting landscape mode and portrait mode would have reduced the amount of actual screen real-estate we had to work with. For immersive apps like Runes it basically forces the design down to the lowest common denominator which is 768 pixels. We make good use of the 1024 pixels we support right now and didn't want to waste the extra space in order to properly support a secondary orientation. It wasn't a decision we took lightly but we believe, given the comprises dual-mode support would force, that we made the right choice. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

2011.01.20 United States Runes 5.0

I love this app!! It would be nice if they updated to hear the pronouncing of the runes, that would be a great ideal! Can we also SHARE our Rune readings on facebook? Please! Thanks!

RESPONSE: Thanks for the fantastic feedback! Your feature requests are under consideration.

2011.01.08 United States Runes 5.0

Buy if you are into runes
Finally a great rune app!


2010.12.13 United States Runes 5.0

Fantastic and just what I was looking for
It is a beautifully designed app that is just the kind of rune app I was hoping to find on the iPhone. It just needs more detail as far as study of the runes goes - the English names, the letter correspondences, the aett divisions...all would be helpful details for those using the app for study. This is definitely the best divination app I have used. Keep up the good work!

RESPONSE: Thank you for your great review! We'll consider your feature requests during planning for new versions. Thanks for your input.

2010.10.18 Australia Runes 5.0

Awesome rune app
Fantastic, well designed and has real heart and soul behind it. It's given me a lot of insight.

RESPONSE: That's awesome! Thank you so much for your feedback!

2010.09.27 United States Runes 5.0

Wonderful, great app
I love this app. It surpassed my hopes for an elder rune app with it's lovely graphics, multiple spreads and descriptions. I wish there was a bit of an explanation about the different spreads though, for beginners who may not know much. Any way keep up the good work, this app was worth every penny. UPDATE: I just realized Odin's rune is not included! I know some people don't like to use this rune, but there should be an option to turn it on in case you want to use it! Also, to those who gave this app bad reviews because there are no reversals...THEY ARE THERE!!! You have to go into options and turn them on, other wise they will not show up. Don't review an app with out exploring the whole program completely!

RESPONSE: Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. We've worked very hard to provide the best possible Elder Futhark experience in the store. We'll add your request for expanded information on cast patterns (spreads) to our list. Runes does not, however, support the use of the so-called blank rune. This is intentional as it is not part of the traditional Elder Futhark. If you're intent on using the blank rune, Runes may not be the right application for you. We're sorry we can't fulfill your request for the blank rune.

2010.09.06 United States Runes 5.0

I have been studying and using runes for years. This app has some wonderful info about the runes themselves, and makes a great learning tool. I love the ability to take a pic of the rune draws. Great beginner and more advanced info as well!

RESPONSE: Thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review! We're glad you're enjoying Runes and its snapshot feature.

2010.09.04 Canada Runes 5.0

Amazing app
I love this sooooo is very accurate in answering and feels so nice, my only wish would be to have it made as a universal app. I got an iPad recently and I would love to have it working fine on it :)

RESPONSE: Thank you for the wonderful review. We're happy to announce that Netistry has produced a version of Runes designed specifically for the iPad. This special edition of Runes provides the iPad with innovative rune casting features that are difficult to provide on smaller screens. Simply search for Runes for iPad in the store.

2010.06.13 United States Runes 5.0

Best rune app
Since I panned one of the other rune apps (the author mixed the Proto-Germanic up with the Anglo-Saxon names for the runes--VERY inconsistent and shows a lack of knowledge!), I thought I should put in a good word for my favorite of the rune apps. I love the graphics and the descriptions are not bad but they could be better. The developer(s) should give the actual English name of the rune (Fehu=cattle) and the English letter as well (fehu=F). This helps the student remember the runes a little better. The description is a bit one-dimensional, for instance, fehu, since it means cattle, means wealth and not only financial but of hearth and home, family, etc. and it is not just about herds or tribes. Although there is clearly some limitation on the amount of description, there really has to be a little more depth in order get better readings. IMPORTANT! Someone in another review said something about paying to get the app with the ability to have reversed (or merkstave) readings. I have no idea what that is about since I bought this app in its first version and now have the latest with the reversals and I have not paid for any upgrades.

RESPONSE: Thanks for this detailed and thoughtful review. We've added your request for analogous letters and concepts to our feature list. There have been several requests of a similar nature. We're giving these features careful consideration. As for the rune descriptions, we've worked hard to strike what we believe is a proper balance between brevity and detail. Clearly this is a judgment call in each and every case and we may have errored on the side of brevity in some cases. We appreciate your frank feedback and will take it into consideration for future versions. Thanks for pointing out that Runes does, contrary to some rumors, support the optional use of reversed runes. We really appreciate your support.

2010.06.09 United States Runes 5.0

Best of the rune apps, by far
All the meditative and introspective power of runes without the pseudo-mystical window dressing. It's also the most stable and nicest-looking of the rune apps I've tried. And for those who seem to be really concerned about it, YES THIS APP HAS REVERSED RUNES since the last update. You can turn them on and off in settings. Personally, I never use reverses, but it's nice that Netistry listens to user feedback.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the amazing review! We've worked very hard to ensure that Runes has a solid, quality core. It's always nice to hear that our efforts are appreciated. We're not sure where these 'no reverse runes' rumors keep coming from. The major feature in Runes 5.0 IS reverse runes. We haven't exactly been shy about letting the world know. Thanks for making it absolutely clear that Runes does support the option of rune reversals. We appreciate it!

2010.05.24 United States Runes 5.0

Does the job but just wish 4 more
I picked this app because the stones are beautiful. It alows you to take a snapshot of your cast and save it to your library (that I wish we could name). You guys who made this, I hope you pay attention to reviews. I want to see an update with a label of the runes positions in the spread when you tap on the rune. Yes, someone might learn it by heart, (like the one stone cast) but it's awful clicking on info to scroll down through the whole help section down to your chosen cast to see position meanings. OMG, annoying! You need to fix that. Do you think everyone with a phone will be patient enough to scroll back and forth? It's not friendly for newbies. I think we should be able to add to the stone meanings as well. If you guys looked at what reviewers say on other rune apps and implemented some of those comments on your own app, you could improve the usefulness of this app and it's selling ability. Anyway, good job with the app. It's worth the price of a cup of coffee. The stones are beautiful and there are four spreads. It does what it says it does, too. That is a 4 star rating in my book. I still hope 2 C improvement.

RESPONSE: Thanks for your feedback. We're always looking for ways to improve Runes.

2010.05.23 Canada Runes 5.0

Beautiful runes app
I really love this runes app...the stones are vibrant and beautiful. I use runes every day and it's been great to have this set of stones to work with. There are alot of casting options, the descriptions are accurate and meaningful for me and the app works very smoothly. Thanks!

RESPONSE: We're so glad your enjoying Runes. Significant effort has been invested in making Runes pleasing to look at and easy to use. Thanks for the taking the time to leave this lovely review.

2010.04.11 United States Runes 5.0

This is a nicely illustrated program, easy to use, with classic runic descriptions. My favourite feature is the snapshot, which allows you to save your cast to your photo album. My only suggestion would be to detail each rune's position in multi-stone casts in the Read (e.g. past, present, future) especially in the complex casts. This improvement would earn this app 5 stars.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the great review. We've worked hard to maintain classic rune concepts within our application. We'll add your feature request to our list for future updates.

2010.04.09 United States Runes 5.0

Super application
I love this application! Being somewhat familiar with the Rune system I have enjoyed casting the stones from time to time. Now I have an app that will do it for me. Totally cool! I love the graphics too, very well done. Thank you so much!

RESPONSE: You're so welcome!

2010.04.02 United Kingdom Runes 5.0

Great App
Have Consulted Runes all my life, this App alows me to have them right at hand. Easy to use,nice graphics, as for one review saying about there not being a reverse, try clicking on settings then on "turn on Reverse"

RESPONSE: Thanks for taking the time to write this wonderful review. It's always nice to hear about experienced casters enjoying Runes. As you mentioned, any user who wishes to use rune reversal can do so by simply enabling reverse runes in Options.

2010.03.06 United Kingdom Runes 5.0

Very good and useful
I have been using Runes for a while now, but wanted something for my itouch that works fast :) this Runes app is brilliant. The Runes are well explained and are treated respectfully and sensibly. The casts have been really helpful and I would suggest it to any one who either wants to learn about the Runes, or is interested in a sensible reading...this app covers both. Recommended highly.

RESPONSE: We've put a lot of effort into optimizing Runes for performance and stability. We're so glad you're enjoying Runes. Thank you for taking the time to write this great review.

2010.02.20 Australia Runes 5.0

Charming App
Simple, elegant and compelling - I really rather like it. Visually appealing with good rune descriptions.

RESPONSE: We're really glad you're enjoying Runes. Thanks for taking the time to write such a wonderful review.

2010.01.10 Canada Runes 4.1

I have been casting runes for years and this program allows me to have them with me all the time. It is easy to use and lovely to look at.

RESPONSE: Authentic rune casting on your mobile was the core goal for Runes. We're really glad you find the application attractive and useful.

2009.12.24 United States Runes 4.1

I like it, but...
I really like the saving feature, HOWEVER... please allow me to type the subject of the reading so that the text is made a part of the picture that is saved, along with the date and time. No point in saving a picture of a reading if you don't know what it is about, right? I see 4 or 5 rune reading pictures and I have no idea why I saved them, which defeats the purpose of saving them in the first place. Otherwise I like it.

RESPONSE: We're glad to hear that you enjoy Runes. The snapshot feature places a rune image in Photos that can then be used with other apps, like a mail program, diary or corkboard. The idea is to import the snapshot into another tool of your choice and add content to it. Your point is valid though and we'll add optional markup (title, date and time) for the snapshot process as a feature request. Thanks for providing your feedback.

2009.10.25 United States Runes 4.1

Rather stunning
Nicely illustrated interface and magical feel. Pronunciation of the runes would be great as mentioned. I would prefer to keep snapshots of archived throws within the program, rather than in the photo library so I did not have to go looking for them. Well done. I wish there were more programs like it for oracles and mystical arts.

RESPONSE: Stunning! Thank you so much! We'll add your vote for pronunciation of the runes to the feature list. We decided to place the snapshots in Photos to make it easier to use them as wallpapers, email them to friends, etc. We'll add a tutorial on snapshot usage to this site in the near future. Thanks again for the great review.

2009.09.30 Canada Runes 4.0

Really great app. Very thought provoking. One of my favourite apps.

RESPONSE: We really appreciate this wonderful review.

2009.09.11 South Africa Runes 3.1

The best
This is the best runes app on here. Easy and fun to use with beautiful graphics.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the great review!

2009.08.06 United Kingdom Runes 3.1

Awesome and very accurate
This app is awesome, very accurate readings and nice layout. Could do with a way of saving the readings in a history folder, so only 4 stars but if u could save the complete readings it would be worth a 5 stars!

RESPONSE: We're glad you're enjoying Runes and appreciate your feedback. Have you tried using the new cast snapshots feature to email casts to friends? You can also email them to yourself in order to save them with comments? Not quite the same as a history folder but a powerful, flexible alternative all the same.

2009.03.22 United States Runes 3.0

I really should put it out there for everyone to only ask a question once, as this app's engine is based on randomness, not the runic power of runes themselves. Very good though. Personally I lose my runestones so this helps.

RESPONSE: That's a major benefit of electronic rune bulk, can't lose individual runes...cast anywhere and anytime.

2009.03.10 United States Runes 3.0

Great update
Just got the update! Thank you its great!

RESPONSE: You're very welcome!

2009.03.07 United States Runes 3.0

Bigger text now, developer responds
Added another star. In a new update we now have bigger text! Thanks! Now if I could save a reading I'll add the last star. I would love to be able to save a reading with my question or comments and the date to look at later. Often I ask a question then if interrupted I lose it. Great program!

RESPONSE: We're so glad that the new options for text size resolved your issues. We felt really bad about this oversight. Sorry again and glad that everything worked out. About saving readings...Runes 3.1 includes a cast snapshot feature that allows you to make a photo of your cast and save it in Photos. You can then email it with comments to anyone, including yourself. With this feature you can save as many casts, with commentaries, as you like in your email.

2009.03.04 Canada Runes 3.0

One of my favourite applications. Upgrades made it even better.

RESPONSE: One of our favourite reviews! We'll keep the updates coming.

2009.03.03 United States Runes 3.0

Love it
Can't believe this on the iPhone, great job, can't wait for future upgrades. Maybe a random reverse rune. Good luck. Thanxs

RESPONSE: The iPhone is a great platform and we're proud to be on it. We're working on free updates right now. Thanks for the great feedback!

2009.03.03 Canada Runes 2.1

This runes app is fantastic. Hopefully, people who download this app realize that it isn't a game.

RESPONSE: Fantastic! Thanks for the great review. We try hard to make it clear to potential users that Runes isn't a game.

2009.02.13 United States Runes 2.1

This app is terrific. The developers have harnessed the mysteries of the runes! The readings are eerily accurate.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the super review! Enjoy!

2009.01.30 Australia Runes 2.1

Classy, well designed app, well worth it!

RESPONSE: Classy! Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

2009.01.26 United States Runes 2.1

Nice presentation
Beautifully presented. Limited meanings, and no options keep this from getting 4 or 5 stars.

RESPONSE: Not sure what options you're looking for. Runes supports configurable text size. Contact us to request new options.

2009.01.19 Canada Runes 2.1

Fantastic runes app
This is a great runes program. The artwork and animations are beautiful. The information is detailed, helpful and authentic. I really enjoy casting runes with this program.

RESPONSE: Awesome!

2009.01.14 Canada Runes 2.1

This app is terrific! It's NOT a game and if you focus correctly, (silence and intent going "within") you'll find it works. Problem is...most ppl don't follow the wisdom given...and therefore - for some - save your

RESPONSE: We agree. Runes is not a game. Thanks for the great review!

2009.01.08 United States Runes 2.1

This program doesn't give you reversed readings or other options besides the three rune spread. There is no rune that represents the unknown. There are also other names for these runes that aren't listed. A little disappointing. If this program was expanded upon I would give it more stars.

RESPONSE: Runes has supported multiple cast types since 3.0 and it uses the most recognized terminology. Runes will never contain the so-called blank rune. If you're looking for the blank rune, Runes may not be the right application for you.

2008.12.30 Canada Runes 2.0

Very nice
This app is very well done and I love to use it lots of info.

RESPONSE: Thanks! We packed a lot of information into this little application. We wanted to make sure that users had everything they needed directly within Runes.

2008.12.30 Australia Runes 2.0

Very good but needs recast button
Nice design and works as you would expect but you have to close and reopen the app to recast which is a missing basic feature. Please release update with a button to recast without needing to quit and reopen. The design and spinning beneath the tree is really nice as is the creative design of the runes. Five stars if the recast feature is included. Thanks for this app a big help.

RESPONSE: You're totally correct. The lack of recast functionality was an oversight in early versions of Runes. Since version 2.2 we've resolved this problem by allowing users to recast any spread at any time. We kept our end of the where's that fifth star?

2008.12.28 Russia Runes 2.0

Клевая прога
Качественно прорисовано, крайне жалко что нет Russian translation.
TRANSLATION: Cool app...qualitatively is a pity that there is no Russian translation.

RESPONSE: My friend, if we can...we will!

2008.12.20 United States Runes 1.0

Would be 5 stars if...
A great app, but it's very difficult to read the runic summary because the font is white on a very light background. I encourage the developers to revise this. Either darken the background, or change the lettering to black, or some other dark color.

RESPONSE: Runes 2.1 resolved this problem by darkening the backgrounds. Later versions have also provided for the optional use of larger text. Hopefully this helped.

2008.12.19 United States Runes 1.0

Very cool
Way better than that other rune app. Don't waste your money on the other one. Was very happy with the graphics and the animations. Glad I got it and deleted the other one.

RESPONSE: We're glad you like it.

2008.12.11 Canada Runes 1.0

Beautiful runes much fun
I just bought's amazing. It's beautiful to look at and easy to use. I've been waiting to see a good app for runes on the app store and if you like rune casting this is a great buy. I'm totally hooked.

RESPONSE: Awesome!

2008.12.10 United States Runes 1.0

This is so cool to be able to have the Runes on my iPod Touch. This application works exactly like the description says it does and yes all 24 runes are included. Nice graphics. Doesn't slow down or show any kind of problems at all. Very good job. Pleasing to the eyes too. Great application. Thanks.

RESPONSE: Wow! Our first review for Runes ever and it's fantastic! Thank you so much!

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