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"Netistry’s Boiler Blast is a great take on a classic concept, featuring excellent hand-drawn graphics and easy-to-use controls. For anyone looking for a quick, simple, pick-up-and-play app, look no further. Boiler Blast fills that gap."

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"Boiler Blast is simply an addictive game...The clock is frantically ticking, adding more and more to the suspense...The game has a nice layout, keeping it very simple...I recommend this app to anyone who likes puzzle games."

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"Boiler Blast is a pipe connection game that includes an original twist...I really like puzzle type games and this one is very well done...Boiler Blast is a great deal!"

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The following section contains reviews assembled from the Boiler Blast user community. The reviews are listed chronologically and indicate their country of origin. Development team responses are shown in italics.

2010.05.02 United States Boiler Blast 1.3

Boiler Blast
I love the pipe-connecting genre of games that forces you to manage your time while skillfully connecting pipes to avert disaster. The gameplay is smooth and the cartoony environment adds to the game's overall charm. However, this is a challenging game that will test your ability to immediately discern what's needed and quickly respond. Great job!

RESPONSE: Thanks for the great review! We're really glad you enjoyed playing the Blast!

2010.04.10 United States Boiler Blast 1.3

Fun, challenging
I enjoy this game. You need to plan out where to put the pipes and lay them as quickly as possible, then tap the boiler to check your work. I find the "easy" level is usually doable - medium is a real challenge to make it on time, and hard is virtually impossible for me. So, I'll stick with "easy"! They've added a new level select feature, which is great. When you restart, you can pick which level (of the ones you've completed) to start on. Nice added feature! UI works quite well, graphics are nice, and gameplay is solid. Nice job!

RESPONSE: Thanks for taking the time to write such a fantastic, detailed review! We're really glad you're enjoying the update!

2010.03.22 United States Boiler Blast 1.2

This game is really addictive, is a fun puzzler. A great game that´s all I can say.

RESPONSE: We're really glad you like the Blast! Thanks for taking the time to write a review.

2010.03.16 United States Boiler Blast 1.2

Fun puzzler
I like puzzle games but haven't found 1 to suit me for awhile. I saw this so I took a chance. I was actually surprised how fun this game is. It is simple to play but gets challenging as you go along. I find my self thinking "Ok, just one more level' for quite a few levels. Great to pick up and play as you can do a level in a couple minutes. It's just fun!

RESPONSE: Fantastic! We're really glad that you're enjoying the Blast! We added that status screen between levels to give players a chance to breath before jumping into the next stage. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate it!

2009.11.22 United States Boiler Blast 1.2

Much better after update
The concept is fun. The sounds and UI are very cute. It's too fast. I can't tap the screen that fast to move the pipes. I know what I want to do, it just seems impossible to go very far in the time allotted so I lose...UPDATE: the update added 3 levels of speed and the slow one is fun and achievable. It also doesn't make you start over at the first puzzle if you lose, so a big plus there. I updated my rating to reflect. Thanks to the developer for listening. Much better after update. If you like timed puzzles, you should try this.

RESPONSE: We're worked hard to balance the difficulty between levels and included an EASY mode in Boiler Blast 1.2 as requested. We're very glad that these changes have met your needs. Thank you so much for revising your review. Few people ever go back to change a review after their requests are met. We really appreciate it!

2009.09.04 Canada Boiler Blast 1.0

Great game
Entertaining but a challenge. I love the artwork and that crazy rat makes the game! He's always getting in the way at the worst possible time.

RESPONSE: Ratty does his best.

2009.08.20 Canada Boiler Blast 1.0

Super fun...and totally addictive
This is a challenging, but super fun, puzzle/arcade game. Great cartoon graphics and solid sound effects. Controls are easy to use and game play is smooth. It's really fast-paced and intense so you have to think quick to solve the puzzles. Overall, a fun, high-quality game at a really great price.

RESPONSE: Awesome! We're glad you like the game.

2009.08.20 United States Boiler Blast 1.0

Not bad
Look forward to updates.

RESPONSE: A whole lot more pipe spinning goodness has been delivered in the free Boiler Blast 1.2 update. We hope you enjoy the new levels. Thanks for the positive feedback.

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