Boiler Blast


So you want to be a hero? You think you have what it takes to fix the grid, beat the blast and save the day? It's easy...right? Just lay the pipes, spin the grid and release the pressure...all before the boiler goes boom! Of course if you flood the house, cut the service or burn down the neighborhood there's going to be trouble. Lots of trouble!

Here is a basic summary of the game:

  • Connect ALL of the yellow outlets to ALL of the red intakes.
  • Every red intake MUST be fed by at least one yellow outlet.
  • Any unconnected outlet will cause a flood.
  • Any unconnected pipes fed by outlets will cause a flood.
  • Any unserviced (not connected to an outlet) intake will cause complaints.
  • Watch the TIMER at all times!
  • It counts down in tenths of a second.
  • If the timer ever goes to zero the boiler will explode!
  • Touch the boiler at any time before that blast to open the valve, release the pressure and test the quality of your work.
  • If you receive any complaints you lose 1 reputation point.
  • If you flood a building you lose 2 reputation points.
  • If you allow the boiler to explode you lose 3 reputation points.
  • ...and get really singed!
  • If you avoid these pitfalls and complete the stage you gain 1 reputation point.
  • Your score for every successfully completed stage is the remaining time on the timer.
  • You must defeat a stage to unlock the next one.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Resolve each stage by laying a grid of orange pipes.
  • Select the type of pipe you wish to add in the tool belt.
  • The tool belt will highlight that type of pipe.
  • Place as many of this type of pipe as you wish in the grid.
  • Touch any empty tile to place a pipe in it.
  • Tap any pipe repeatedly to spin it to the desired orientation.
  • You cannot lay pipes in areas containing posts.
  • You cannot lay pipes in areas dominated by rats.
  • To remove pipes from the grid select the wrench in the tool belt.
  • The tool belt will highlight the wrench.
  • Remove as many pipes as you wish from the grid.
  • Use the hammer to stun those pesky rats!
  • Select the hammer from the tool belt.
  • The tool belt will highlight the hammer.
  • Go crazy with the hammer.
  • If you hit Ratty you'll knock him out and gain a few seconds of relief.

Good luck and happy spinning!

If you would like to suggest new features for Boiler Blast, report issues with existing versions or just leave a few comments for our designers, please send an email to the Netistry mailbox.

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