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Someone Bungled The Job!
What? Someone bungled the boiler job and none of the pipes are connected! As the only plumber on site it's all up to you. Those pipes need to be connected...and fast! Welcome to Boiler Blast, the arcade puzzler where you race to connect all of a building's pipes before the boiler blows! To make matters worse...much worse...the site is crawling with rats who just love to sniff around and cause trouble!

Boiler Blast Game Explosion Cartoon

There's Not A Second To Lose!
Quick! Grab your trusty wrench and don't forget the hammer. Jump into that basement and let the pipes fly! Place 'em, spin 'em, pull ''s madness! Watch that boiler rattle. The more it shakes the crazier it gets. The crazier it gets the closer you are to the blast. Keep one eye on the timer, one eye on Ratty and both hands spinning pipes.

From Simple To Impossible In 48 Steps
With 48 unique, hand-crafted, challenging stages to assess and repair, Boiler Blast provides hours of pipe-spinning, rat-chasing action.

Finally...Pipe Freedom!
Tired of pipe puzzle games that force you to work with whatever scraps they toss you? In Boiler Blast you can use any pipe at any time. Add, remove or spin pipes at will to design the solution you want instead of the one luck provides.

That Dirty Rat!
Boiler Blast's meddlesome rat adds a whole new dimension to pipe puzzle games. Ratty is usually curious, always skittish and does his flat best to get under foot...or under pipe so to speak. You can always stun him with your trusty hammer...but that often makes matters worse. In some stages you actually need to maneuver Ratty to save the day. Of course, that's a lot easier said than done!

An Immersive Experience
Boiler Blast uses lively animations, urgent sound effects and time-crunched game mechanics to create an intense, immersive experience that will leave you shaking. We're not kidding.

Beat The Blast!
Think you have what it takes to beat the blast? Put on your tool belt and find out!

If you would like to suggest new features for Boiler Blast, report issues with existing versions or just leave a few comments for our designers, please send an email to the Netistry mailbox.

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